Innova Learning announces the release of its course for Municipals Advisors, Trapdoors and Minefields.

The course was created expressly for Municipal Advisors, and focuses on fiduciary duties and responsibilities.  Trapdoors and Minefields covers those actions (both overt and accidental) that subject a person to registration, aspects of municipal financial products and their investment strategies, conflicts of interest, compliance rules concerning financial or ‘in-kind’ contributions to political figures, and the Gifts and Gratuities Rule.  A sample can be found at

Innova’s on-line course presents this information in an informative and engaging manner with animation and graphics to remind all advisors of these regulations and keep practitioners from falling into rule trapdoors or stepping on regulatory minefields.

If you would like to know more about the course, you may contact Innova Learning at , or by telephone at 917-464-5600.

Innova Learning Trapdoors and Minefields course

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