Welcome to Innova Learning, Inc.!

We at Innova Learning have an attitude of molding our solutions to our client’s needs. Innova is a leading provider of eLearning solutions to industries that have regulatory and compliance requirements.Innova combines high quality, interactive, engaging content with robust and scalable technology to deliver web-based training that can be easily tracked and managed.

Innova offers several key advantages to our clients:

  • A comprehensive library of online courses on topics in finance, regulatory requirements, Diversity and Inclusion, and IT
  • Proven instructional design that targets trouble areas for learners and engages them with active situation scenarios tested to improve learning retention
  • A robust technology platform for managing the learning process
  • Experience in planning and delivering cost-effective solutions
  • Attention to the unique requirements of every client and the ability to develop tailored eLearning solutions to achieve every business’ goals
  • Innova is your partner, not your vendor. We pride ourselves on delivering “Best of Breed” customer service.