Our Methodology

At Innova Learning we believe that the success of an education program depends on careful analysis of the training requirement and the application of a structured approach for selecting the most appropriate instructional design. We begin by working with the client to complete our training needs definition form, which looks at the three key aspects of the requirement: the management objectives, the target audience, and the nature of the content. Based on this information, Innova consultants select the most appropriate blend, pattern, and style for the education program.

What do we mean by blend?

The blend is the format, or combination of formats, we recommend for delivering the training. This could be a solution involving any or all of the following:

  • Interactive eLearning
  • Classroom/workshops
  • Other forms of distance learning – podcasts, PDFs, mLearning, etc.
  • Collaborative/community tools – discussion forums, surveys, etc.

What do we mean by pattern?

The pattern is the instructional methodology, or mix of methodologies, used for imparting the learning. This relates to the design of specific eLearning modules and classroom sessions as well as the program as a whole, and defines the way in which the content will be structured. A typical pattern we use for procedural/process orientated training is Engage-Inform-Influence.


  • What is the learning about?
  • Why is it important to the organization and the individual learner?


  • Concise, jargon free description of the compliance policy
  • Illustrations and interactions to confirm and reinforce understanding


  • Interactive situation scenarios
  • Case studies

What do we mean by style?

The style governs the visual and interactive design used in the program to create an engaging look-and-feel that is aligned with your corporate identity.