Course Development

How We Develop Our Courses


  • Content is the backbone for any course. Therefore, it is essential for the Innova content development team to understand the subject matter. Together with the customer’s subject matter expert(s), our team will work to highlight critical topic threads in the content to ensure that these threads are developed to the fullest understanding through the instructional design process.
  • At the beginning of each new project, a Project Manager, who is an Instructional Designer and Writer, is assigned to manage the project. The Project Manager works with the course owner to create a script and storyboard. Once the storyboard is complete, it goes to an artist who creates the visual elements to enhance the story, and packages the final graphics for the assigned Innova Developer. The developer takes all the elements of the course (including audio) and lays them out to create an animated and visually appealing course to keep the learner’s interest from beginning to end.
  • The course content will follow Innova’s engage/inform/influence design model. Testing will be used throughout to check understanding and case studies will be used for application of the knowledge. Final formal assessment tests (if required) will be used to confirm competency. The assessment test will generate detailed training records to provide the client with management information down to the individual-question level to allow for identification of areas requiring remedial attention.

Course Development Process

The project will be managed by the Project Manager and delivered according to our course development program.

Stage 1 – Knowledge Acquisition

The Project Manager works with the client to gain an understanding of course objective and content. Once there is a complete understanding, the Innova team will create the first draft of the script/storyboard. Completion of this first draft will be presented to the customer for review.

Stage 2 – First draft of online course

After the client’s review, Innova will then use the storyboard as the basis for production of the first draft of the online course. The customer will be invited to review the course via a live link.

Stage 3 – Review Stage

The online course will then go through a number of review stages.  At each stage the customer will conduct a review and leave feedback, which Innova will action for the next iteration of the course.

Stage 4. Final Draft Signed Off

After the customer is 100% satisfied with the online course, it will be packaged and prepared for release.

Course Preparation Methodology

Innova Learning Course Preparation Methodolgy




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