Why We Are Different

The Innova Learning staff has extensive experience in the eLearning industry, having created solutions for some of the world’s most well-known firms for 20+ years. Innova’s expertise in working with firms both large and small has been the catalyst in helping these firms create eLearning programs that meet numerous parameters, including budget, content requirements, and program design.

Our Development and Artistic Team

Every member of our team is committed to molding Innova’s solutions to the customers’ needs for training and certification by creating unique and one-of-a-kind eLearning courses that will keep the learner engaged and excited about training.

Innova’s Project Managers bring to the various projects years of creative experience. While creating the basic storyboards of content, the Project Manager combines his or her imagination with the compliance content so the information is presented succinctly and correctly, focusing on the main issues but not forgetting the minor details that all learners are required to know. After completing the storyboard, the Project Manager sends the course to our Artistic team.

With an educational and experiential background, including nearly ten (10) years as a commercial artist for record label and public relations companies, our Head Artist, who has been working with us since 2007, begins to customize the art work and the method of presentation for each aspect of the course content. Using the talents of the entire Artistic Team, each screen of the course gets enhanced with interactive animations, whiteboard drawings, movement, color, pictures, etc.

Innova’s entire Development and Artistic Staffs utilize all aspects of Adobe Creative Suite as the basis for our projects. For example, our Teams took a picture an ordinary corporate building and morphed it into a picture of the headquarters building of our client. This has now become the client’s opening artwork on all of its media products. Or, in a course on safety, the screen shows a character that looks like a crash test dummy as he explains the various safety hazards that employees may face in their work environment. Each colorful creation, often with an entirely new cast of characters, is always done by our Team specifically for that client and for that course.

Innova Learning is different. We work very closely with our clients from start of finish creating training and compliance courses to meet the clients’ various needs. There are no templates used at Innova. Our courses are customized to reflect the client, the content, and the special skills and abilities of our Project Manager and Artistic Staffs. As one client states, “Those who have viewed the course have been very impressed with the level of interactivity and overall production design”.

We are different and we want to be your source for eLearning coursework.